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Looking for a TC?

Are you looking for a new American Heart Association BLS training center? Consider LAWSON TEC. We are a medium sized training center with more than 100 active instructors that train approximately 5000 people a year in CPR. They are entrepreneurs who work for themselves or within their own facilities.

Hands-On Training

Our Herndon, Virginia, business is a hands-on training center and is always available by phone or in person. We are a resource for new information and are able to answer all kinds of daily questions and concerns.

Instructor Roster

Our instructor roster is full at this point. We cannot take on existing instructors wishing to affiliate with us unless you take an American Heart Association instructor course with us.  However, based on attrition, we may periodically have openings.  We are happy to speak with you and direct you to other training centers who might be accepting transferring instructors. 

Changing Training Centers

Please contact Janney Lawson by phone to talk about changing training centers and to make an appointment to meet with her. LAWSON TEC asks that you demonstrate your skills at your meeting. We may determine that you need skills remediation and suggest that you sit in on one of our courses and be a student. This way, we can ensure you learn the skills according to the guidelines.

Skills Session

After a successful skills session, our team will talk with your current training center to confirm you are an instructor in good standing, who is compliant with all AHA and training center policies.

Letter of Transfer

You will need to send your training center a Letter of Transfer. Ask me for it when we speak.   Your current TC will then send me your file, confirming that you are a current instructor, within 30 days of receiving the Letter of Transfer.

Requirements: We will need a copy of your current instructor card. Please bring it with you.

Teaching a Course

Once our center has your records from your current TC, you will need to be successfully monitored teaching either a AHA Healthcare Provider course or a Heartsaver CPR AED course, depending on your instructor status. Once you have been successfully monitored teaching a class, you may teach on your own. Teaching takes place in our office in Herndon, Virginia.

Fees Paid to Lawson TEC

  1. $110.00 Annual Membership Fee: This pays for the administrative costs and annual updates and/or rollouts that occur. The fee is paid upon successful completion of your initial monitoring with us. Cards cannot be issued without having paid this fee.
    2. $8.00 per BLS Card: $22.50 per each Heartsaver card.  When you teach a course, you are required to send Lawson TEC the course roster electronically.  We will deduct the cost of the cards from your credit card on file.  Replacement cards are $25.00 each.  We will send you back the completed cards, usually within 48 hours.
    The goal of the TC is to offer the community quality based CPR with experienced instructors who enjoy the teaching process. The TC will do everything it can to keep you up-to-date and informed of all the new information.

    "I look forward to talking with you soon!"
    Janney L., Training Center Coordinator -,

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