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Policy for Cancellation

If necessary, please cancel your spot at least 24 hours prior to the class. We understand that occasionally, extenuating circumstances prevent us from attending a class. However, as long as you cancel BEFORE the class starts, you won't be charged.

One Free Cancellation

LAWSON TEC allows one cancellation per student without penalty, as long as you cancel your attending before the class starts. A second cancellation results in a penalty fee of $25.00.

• As long as you cancel before the class starts, you are not charged for the course.
• If you are late to the class, as long as you call before the class starts, you are not charged. However, you need to reschedule because we don't allow late comers to attend the class once the class has started.
• If you are late because you've gotten lost, please call before the class starts so that we don't charge you. You can reschedule the class without penalty.
• If you do not show up, do not cancel, arrive after the class has started, you are charged for the class.
• Fees for these courses do not represent income to the American Heart Association.